Frugal Tips!

Budget Living!


Hey there….Before you run away from the word BUDGET! ahhh! You should know that I am what “they” call a Free Spirit. I would run from that word also, if it were not for my amazing husband. He has taught me the strength and confidence that comes from knowing where your money is, how much you have (even if it’s only a little), and having a plan for where it’s going!


We don’t have it completely figured out.. but we have learned the blessing of having money to give, saving for the things we want (even if it means we say no to some other things in the mean time) and having our funds organized so we know just what’s going on.

I plan to share with you some of the simple things we have learned through all of this… Ways to save on some bills, save of gift giving, products that work so you aren’t wasting your money… budget ideas to help get things organized! 🙂


so stay tuned…..


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