Sugar Free Snacks-Pineapple Whip & Granola Bars

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One thing I’m pretty serious about along this nutrition journey is that I don’t want my kids to feel like they “miss out” because they can’t have the sugar and junk. So I am determined to find fun, exciting snacks and treats that are still healthy!

Note: technically these shouldn’t be considered “sugar-free” snacks since they have honey in them.. maybe more like refined sugar free? ?


Pinterest is an amazing tool! So many creative people to follow!

We found this blog post on Pineapple dole whip ( like the kind you can get at Disney land!)

It was quick and easy to make and the whole family LOVED it! Oh and we didn’t have coconut milk so I just used Almond Milk and it was still wonderful!








Need a Ninja to whip this up?


We love the Ninja!

Next up, I wanted to replace the granola bars that my guys eat everyday! They have 8 grams of sugar in a tiny little bar and I’m not quite sure how the nutrition value really stacks up….. so…. back to pinterest I go…

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