Big news for our family!

Oh Boy here we go! We have had some big news for our little family!

Baby number 3 is on the way! I am still a little shocked when I say things like that! Who am I?? hahaha A Mom of three?!

We are very very excited! And feel just so very blessed that the Lord would bless us again! Every baby is a precious gift!
We look forward to adding this little one to the pack! 🙂

Until then, we figure out how to get through pregnancy while still raising two very active boys! This Momma is pretty tired! Thankfully I haven’t been to sick yet, though as I type today is my worse nausea yet… hopefully it doesn’t stick around this time around!

It’s funny how everyone knows we are of course hoping for a little girl this time around.. it goes without saying since we have two wonderful boys, we wouldn’t mind mixing it up. What I have started saying is ” Hope for a girl, overwhelmingly love a boy anyways” 🙂 We shall see! No matter what this is exciting stuff! 🙂

We are also preparing for our first official year of Home Schooling. William will start Kindergarten in September. I’m doing as much research as I can about curriculums and styles. And I have to admit I’m getting pretty excited about it! I’ll be attending the Valley Home Educators convention next week. and I’m so excited to be overwhelmed with resources and encouragement!

Maybe I can write a follow-up post on what I learn and what we ultimately decide to do for our first year! Our William loves to learn and I dont’ think he will be hard to teach. I’m planning on making it as fun for both of us as I can, with lots of hands on activities and adventures… chances to move around instead of just sit which is one of the main reasons Home School seems like the best option for us! We can teach him how to sit still for the times it’s required but he doesn’t have to sit for hours in the same chair doing the same things!

We shall see how it all goes!

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The pretty little things are getting me pretty excited!

There are some pretty little touches getting done in the Kitchen right now and they make a huge wonderful difference!

First, these lights were hung in place. This is the counter that will have my sink and dishwasher.. also, there will be a bar edge on the other side with stools for sitting up at the counter!

lights are in


lights bulbs


I found these lights at Home Depot! And we added the specialty light bulbs for the antique look! I think they are exactly what I hoped for!

Also this trimming was added to the light box

light box framed up

Little things like trim make such a huge difference!







The Fridge and pantry cupboards were moved into place and I was able to even move stuff in! So that really helps having more items in the kitchen instead of spread through-out the house!

fridge in placeEventually, the plan is to get a nice big fridge and then above it between the two tall cabinets we’ll do a couple of open shelves!






We are still plugging along. We are cooking with our new oven quite a bit despite the heat. And of course still over using our crock pot and bbq.

But we are doing fine and with amazing results like these how could we not be excited??

boys staying busy during construction days

This is how the boys stayed busy while the guys were working! Rolling cars down the driveway!




Also, our family has a little announcement!!!


We are so very excited to be expecting our third little blessing! It’s amazing!!


This was our announcement picture… I think it turned out pretty funny! 🙂


birth announcement

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Prime Day TODAY only! Don’t miss out!

Prime Day Deals are awesome!
This post may contain affiliate links to products and services we love. By making purchases through the links, your price remains the same but I will earn a small commission that helps to fund this site and maybe even my coffee obsession. All recommendations and opinions are always 100% my own.

Hey Hey hey.. You know how much we love Amazon!!!

Today is Amazon Prime day! It’s sort of like Black friday but in the middle of summer… and the deals are crazy!!!


These deals are only for Prime Members but if you aren’t already a member you can always sign up for a free 30 day trial to enjoy these discounts (then of course if Prime isn’t for you, you can cancel after the trial period)
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I’ve already purchased a Christmas present for one of our boys and an awesome shade tent for the beach!

check it out..

This shade tent is over 40% off regular price!

there are lightening deals that expire after a few hours (so it’s a good idea to keep checking them and
deals of the day discounts.

You could even just stock up on household goods at a discount.

or if you have the chance (and funds) to splurge on an awesome product you’ve been drooling over… well today may just be the best day to purchase.. check out these amazing things… (I’m drooling over them for sure)

USA Today has been updating their site with suggestions and great finds, check the latest article here:


well, my kids are pretty much destroying their play room as I sit here.. so I’m to go now 🙂

But I hope you take some time and explore the deals and find some awesome things!

I’ll definitely be checking back throughout the rest of today!


Happy shopping

ps. Updates on the kitchen remodel and a family announcement will be posted soon, so stay tuned! 🙂 thanks for reading!

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Spice organization!!

One of the fun little projects that I’ve been able to accomplish during the giant kitchen project is revamping my spices! They will be going into a nice big drawer.. much better then the previous basket organization I had! trust me on that one!!

I bought racks from Ikea when we picked up the cabinets.. Amazon has some similar styles. But there are so many great ideas for spice racks and organization.

spice organization In this picture you can see I printed my labels on regular paper to test them out.

I wanted to check the size and which way I wanted to place them on each jar… I also printed out a couple other label samples to pick from but ended up with these!

The jars I decided on were from Cost Plus World Market, But, again there are soooo many to choose from!

Amazon also sells these sticker pages for the printer! I am in love with these!! And can’t wait to make labels for everything!!! 🙂
 These labels feed into your printer just like paper.

and then you simply cut out your label and

peel off the back paper to reveal the sticky side.

I read a tip about them on pinterest,

saying that you should wait 15 minutes between

printing sheets and cutting them out so that the

ink dries completely,  this would also be true if you

are printing more than one page so that it doesn’t smear each other.




William helped me fill the jars! It was a fun little project for us to work on together!

20160706_220105935_iOS spice reorganization

There are lots of label options as well.. many pinterest finds were great.

These fun labels here or here were some of the many I thought about using.

But Ultimately, I decided to just create my own with a fun font in Word. I thought this might help when I want to add more later!

spice labels

I think I’m going to love these when I can put them in the new drawer!!


pretty spices

And apparently I have way more spices than I realized. I started with 21 jars.

I have at least 15 more or so.. But I’ll just add them soon (maybe the next time I get a coupon for World Market! :))






Have you reorganized your spices? What do  you love about it?

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