Today this Mama had to prove to herself that she really can do it!

train museum trip with mommy Today this Mama had to prove to herself that she really can do fun things all by herself, put away the anxiety and have fun!

I’ve gotten into a habit of always inviting others to come with us places… sure, the companionship is awesome and probably the main reason.. but, also  another set of eyes and hands to hold on to kids is so very welcome!

It has caused me to think I can’t go places and do things with the boys without help!

My awesome mama or friends, whose kids don’t seem to use every public opportunity to show how much of a handful they can be, can be my comfort zone!

There is something I should say about myself here. I have a pretty big problem with anxiety! especially in public places. I envy anyone who can be in a crowd and not have to fight off fears. Some of them, I will argue are legitimate, this world is a scary place. But of course there are also some that are just plain ridiculous and I’m working on it! 🙂 My brain is always working over time with issues (mostly imagined) that can happen , might happen, whatever. I definitely read to many news stories so that doesn’t help things either. But trust me when I say the number of possible (and even most unlikely) scenarios running through my mind at any given moment is astounding!

And then you add in the crazy variables that come with two toddlers with minds of their own… the struggle is real (as the saying goes these days).

So, today we went to the California State Railroad Museum in Sacramento! If you haven’t been, you really should check it out. This is the second year we have had family passes because the boys just love it there! They run from train to train. Some you can climb in and even turn the brakes and things.. walk through and it feels like you are on a train ride. And then on the second floor there are lots and lots of Thomas and Chuggington trains and tables to play with! It’s always a great time! Also, with the passes we get to ride the 1 mile train ride that goes along the river, when it is running!

20160627_191624791_iOS 20160627_185801651_iOS california state railroad museum

We (ok it was Mommy)  really felt like we needed out of the house today and so we drove up there! The Lord blessed me with both boys having great attitudes and we all stayed safe and had a blast! The boys shared with the other kids at the toy tables, listened when I asked them to slow down. It was so wonderful!

And guess what I discovered?? I can do it!!!!! yay!



We even walked down the cobble streets and picked up some ice cream before heading back to the car where there was a fire truck and lots of firemen.. the boys got so excited to see them!! (course they were only at the parking garage because the elevator was stuck.. yikes!!) So, we walked up three flights of stairs and even though the boys were so tired they did a great job!


I’m sure some of you are thinking that it isn’t a big deal. and that I only have two kids… and I am certain there is some level of over reacting on my part for sure.

But, I’ll celebrate this little victory for myself and hope it’s the start of some great growth (and release) for this mama!



James was a sleep before we even made it to the freeway and William was out less than 10 minutes down the road. I enjoyed the ride home with my iced tea and an audio book!

We’ll go ahead and file this day away as a success! 🙂

sacramento river, bridge


Oh and here’s a weird little trick I use when I’m somewhere all alone…

parking garage pic to remember where we parked!

I take a picture of where we are parked.. so in case I don’t remember or I get confused I have something to help! (yes, this is part of the over stressing, over worried part of my brain.. Can you imagine if I couldn’t find the car with two tired and worn out tots in tow??? anyways, it helps me a lot!)

How about you? Are you way more relaxed and can conquer the world with all your kiddos in tow without a second thought? Or do you over think everything and stress when it isn’t necessary?


If you do struggle, what are the kind of things that have helped you in dealing with your fears and hesitations? I’d really love to know!




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Chef Essentials – Oven liners

This post may contain affiliate links to products and services we love. By making purchases through the links, your price remains the same but I will earn a small commission that helps to fund this site and maybe even my coffee obsession. All recommendations and opinions are always 100% my own.

Cleaning the oven…. yeah that chore is certainly one of my very least favorite household tasks! But, now that I have an awesome new oven I knew I needed to find something that can help with keeping it beautiful!


I found these handy liners on Amazon!

I wanted something to help with keeping our new oven clean and I have to say that I like the way these look and fit. Plus clean up is soooo much easier this way!


The bottom one fit exactly. And the one I wanted on the rack just needed a trim, I also cut a little bit more into where the handle on the rack is! These were easy to trip with just scissors!




oven liners

This company also has a cool roll out dish drying rack, It is now on my ever growing Amazon wish list 🙂

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This Kitchen Is Beginning To Look Like a …. Kitchen!!

This week has been a full one and very exciting for the kitchen project!!

It began with prep prep prep! 🙂  Covering the new floors with paper, patching up some more holes, etc.

paper covered floors

sidenote: I’m leaving it like this as long as I can! protecting these floors during construction is no joke!










The walls were textured (thank you to my Father in Law for doing a great job!) on Tuesday afternoon.

beautifully textured walls

The girls flew into action on Wednesday night for painting the ceiling and walls! Want to see?

Sherwin Williams paint. salty dog

Sherwin Williams Paint from Lowes. Salty Dog in High gloss

paint!   girls painting

I love the dark color and I think we get away with it because it’s only in a few spots and everything else will be a calm color/feel.  It’s also high gloss. The benefits to this is it will be easily cleaned and it also gives a great shine to it! We also painted the drop ceiling a new white color.. I don’t remember which white.. there are far to many options for white!!

We took a break Friday night for a wonderful birthday date!! Ryan’s birthday was Saturday but since we knew we would need the whole day for the kitchen, we took off friday night to dinner and a movie! It was great to have a sitter for fun instead of work 😉 And it’s always fun spoiling and spending time with my husband! Man, I love that guy!! 🙂

And he makes 33 look smokin’

birthday date


Saturday Morning (after more birthday presents!! ) We got to work. These guys put in something like 13 hours on this kitchen today! And it really shows… It starting to look amazing and this is the fun stuff, we actually get to see the transformation (instead of all the work hiding inside the walls or wherever)

We decided to wire the oven and get that in, in hopes of allowing me something to cook in! The cabinet for the oven/microwave was a bit to big for me, so the guys had to assemble that one.  It’s beautiful, seriously!! And I’m super glad Ryan insisted on the Microwave we found at Ikea’s as-is department. It was just a display model, but they took 45% off of the price!  The oven and microwave together just has such a sleek look!  very fancy!

oven cabinet   oven cabinet


It was a really fun surprise when I came home from picking the boys up to see the progress the guys made while I was gone!! check this out!!

hanging cabinets

window glass cabinet












wall of cabinets

This center cabinet will hold my cooktop. Between the wall cabinets will be where the hood is! and that whole wall will be the backsplash that I am soooo excited about!

I really like how much the molding at the top of the wall cabinets adds just a little finishing touch! There will be molding at the bottom edge of them too!



I  felt like celebrating the progress so I ran out and bought an apple pie and some ice cream! So, we baked a pie in our brand new oven!! * A note on that.. our manual didn’t say anything about it, but if you get a new oven I suggest turning it on empty at first, there was a lot of smoke and burn off from the factory dust or whatever.. didn’t smell very good at first!

Pie in the new whirlpool oven



Then we decided to install my little desk area and this little cabinet even has the countertop!!!  Jonathan used this little area to test out the cement counter! The only thing it needs is some finishing touches and a seal on it. I absolutely love it! And we even put in an outlet and usb outlet into the countertop! (Can you tell I get really annoyed with my phone dying?? haha and I always have to look for a spot to charge.. well, not any more!!)


guys working  20160619_045854715_iOS 20160619_050013080_iOS 20160619_050001942_iOS

I think we were all feeling pretty good about how the hard work is turning out!

And before calling it a day we got one of the pendant lights up!  It’s gorgeous!




pendant lights








These Home Depot lights look like the ones I fell in love with at pottery barn! but instead of costing over $100 a piece they were $30.00.

30 bucks that’s it!! 🙂


We bought the old-fashioned styled light bulbs at Battery plus and I think it adds a great little touch to them!






I think it’s turning out beautifully! I’m excited to be able to bake some dinners now and give our crockpot and bbq a little bit of a break! And the plan is to work on the sink soon so that’s super exciting!!

And the boys have loved playing with the cardboard…we sure have plenty! 🙂


20160617_194359981_iOS cardboard fun!


Well, what do you all think of it all so far?  Are you able to see the vision? It feels like it is actually working, we may even get a kitchen out of all this! hahaha Yes!!


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Father’s Day is this Sunday!

This post may contain affiliate links to products and services we love. By making purchases through the links, your price remains the same but I will earn a small commission that helps to fund this site and maybe even my coffee obsession. All recommendations and opinions are always 100% my own.


Father’s Day is this Sunday but don’t panic… we’ve got the internet on our side! 🙂

With Amazon Prime we can still get some amazing gifts in plenty of time for Dad’s big day! And spoil the men in our lives properly!

Check out some awesome gift ideas I’ve found

There are lots of deals under $100. here’s a whole page on just that

There’s a coupon for $20 off any $100 purchase of Dewalt tools for the Handy man in your life…

use it on deals like these:


If your budget isn’t quite that big, don’t worry, mine isnt’ either! There are still some great deals in the tool department.


there are lots of items to browse through!

Have more of a techy man?


Umm, for the record (because my handsome husband reads my blog, thanks babe!) these links don’t actually show what I’m ordering for Father’s Day, just some general ideas for everyone! 😉  hehe

If you are looking for something specific, leave a comment and I can help you look for it!

Oh and don’t forget and are still great options with their order online, pick up in store features! USA, LLC

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Outlets & Patched Walls!

Turns out it is pretty hard to keep up with a blog while in the midst of a giant remodel… Actually it’s sort of hard keeping up with everything while the house is a bit torn up. But, I’m not complaining!!

Things are moving right along.  We are motivated to get this kitchen done! And it seems like we are nearly done with all the behind the walls and in the attic stuff that takes so much work (Can we ever thank you enough Jonathan?) but doesn’t show much… now we get to see the changes a little more!! Look at this pretty outlet


This is over where our coffee station shelves will be. the slider will control the pendant lights, then lots of plugs for my coffee gadgets and the last one there is all USB… I even bought a pack of lightning cords for all of us Iphone users… no dead phones in this kitchen! 🙂


So let’s see, this weekend:

Floors were glued down around the edges

The gas line has been put in the wall for the cooktop

The old hood pieces have been removed and the hole patched up since we will have to move the new one over a bit.

wiring for the pendant lights and outlets

more sanding the walls and prepping for texture/paint

There were a lot of things that just needed to be figured out, regarding install. Like the hood and deciding if I just bought the wrong one or not. And the wiring for the oven when it’s time for that… etc.  (Ryan and Jonathan have used google, youtube, and our installation manuals more than ever before I think…. How cool that we can seriously figure out anything?? thanks internet! 🙂 )

I’m sure there was more but it’s really hard to keep track these days!


We had a few delays, just realizing in our motivation to get finished we forgot things need drying time and we needed to schedule when others could come to help with things like the gas line and texturing, etc. But we really are moving right a long!

I have struggled with frustration over not being able to be a part of the work as much as I would like, with the boys needing attention and just needing to be out-of-the-way. Though I’m sure there hasn’t been much I could have done up to this point, I love doing stuff like this and I’m looking forward to the days coming that will be filled with stuff I can learn to do!!


This week we look forward to  texture for the walls and then us girls get to paint!! And so if everything goes well with this week, the weekend could find us installing cabinets and turning this empty space into a kitchen!! 🙂

My goal for the next couple days will be to get the rest of this house in some kind of order… seriously, we need to have clean clothes even during all of this stuff??? haha I’ll catch up on laundry I suppose and maybe even try to dust, sweep, vacuum… I sort of gave in to the mess that has extended everywhere but it’s time to get some of it under control.  I also plan on some play dates with the boys and getting them out of this house. They have been doing really well during this project but I will try to just focus on fun for them in between work in the next couple of days.


What a blessing our friends have been to our family through all of this project. It’s amazing and I’m already loving what has been done!!


here’s to another week!

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Floors are here!

This post may contain affiliate links to products and services we love. By making purchases through the links, your price remains the same but I will earn a small commission that helps to fund this site and maybe even my coffee obsession. All recommendations and opinions are always 100% my own.

This week the focus has changed from tearing down the old kitchen to beginning to build up the new! yay!

There was a lot of preps for walls, wiring, etc. all through out the week. and then on the weekend the guys did the flooring! and I just love it!!

Dad and Ryan working on the wall

We bought a bamboo plank flooring from a sale at lumber liquidators. I love how it feels on bare feet. And I think the color is very peaceful!


My favorite thing about seeing the flooring in, is that I’m finally able to see our vision coming to life. AND it seems to be working! hahaha what do you know? I might actually be able to design a kitchen!! 🙂 *At the very least pick awesome floors! And now it feels like the rest is on it’s way! So, that’s exciting too!

working on the floor

new floors

floors It’s hard to show the actual color in a picture but these ones are pretty close I think.

It was a hard day of work for the men and I’m so thankful for all the help!

Here they are pretty excited about the final piece!!

down to the last piece   putting in the last piece!

The boys have had a lot of fun with all this extra space and I enjoyed playing with them on the new floors, they are so nice!

trains on the floor

trains on the new floors



In other news….

It’s beginning to feel a lot like summer around here (the guys had to work through some 100+ days already, YIKES)

The boys are pretty excited about our new swimming pool, though they didn’t think they could survive the anticipation as we set it up!

swimming pool time We were given this pool, it’s an Intex and is really nice!

You can order them on amazon, check it out here

And my Mom made the boys a sand tent this week!!

It’s pretty awesome! The boys love it! And I like that I can zip it up when they aren’t playing in it!

sand tent If you’d like to make your own the tents themselves are pretty inexpensive!

Walmart has some on sale right now

This barnyard tent is so cute! and there are lots of other designs to choose from too!



and sand like this…

.5Cuft Play Sand


My Mom put a board in the bottom to keep the edge of the door from falling down and this made it sort of more like a sand “box”.

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For the Love of Target shopping…..

This post may contain affiliate links to products and services we love. By making purchases through the links, your price remains the same but I will earn a small commission that helps to fund this site and maybe even my coffee obsession. All recommendations and opinions are always 100% my own.

Do you love shopping at Target?

It’s a great place to shop for so many things! And even if you don’t want to deal with couponing and stock piling.. you can still get some great deals!


The easiest way to get a deal EVERY time you shop is with the Target RED Card.  (either Debit or Credit) The Redcard gives you 5% off everything you buy in store or online. AND if you are shopping online at you will get free shipping every time you pay with your card! Plus you get an extra 30 days for returns on your purchases!


And did you know you don’t have to go into the store to open up a gift registry? You can create and add items to a gift registry on your computer or tablet or phone.. whatever you want!?! Pretty exciting!



Check out these clearance savings!

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