Our favorite product for chores!

About a year ago now,  We decided to look into purchasing a hand-held vacuum. A dustbuster! We have a lot of carpet in this house and two little boys who like to wander while they snack 😉 and it was just becoming quite the chore for me to drag out the big ol’ vacuum for every little mess. So we bought this  and I LOVE IT!

It’s a powerful little thing, fairly easy to clean ( I wash it out probably once  a month or so) and came with a nifty holder to hang it on the wall near a plug! ** We made sure to hang it where the boys could easily get to it. It has become their tool for clean up time. Even our  2-year-old loves to vacuum up messes with it. The boys actually argue over who can help Mommy… which is wonderful to say the least!

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I am honored that you would stop by my blog! I hope you’ll take a few minutes to look around!
I am just getting things started so, there will be lots of new things added daily!

You can expect some funny updates as I talk about my kids. Some practical tips about finance and savings on bills and other useful things, Products reviews of things we absolutely love. And even a journal of our adventure as we remodel our outdated kitchen!!!

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This ol’ kitchen.. is out of here!!

20160314_031554780_iOS        outdated kitchen

OH I just cannot wait for the first sledge hammer to fall! Tearing out this kitchen will be an exciting day!!


But first, lots and lots of planning, deciding and then changing my decisions….


And can’t forget, talking to great, wonderful, brave friends that will be helping with this huge project!!

When we first started thinking about getting to the kitchen, we needed to set a budget. So we could decide if we had enough to actually accomplish the task, so at least for the most part we can complete the room!  We also quickly decided on a few items we could wait on (and save up for) so that we could focus on everything else..

We have decided to put the new fridge and the floors on the end of the list. So, if our budget runs short we will just start a savings plan for those two things. Our fridge, though not fancy, works just fine for now. and bare floors might be nice… at least the not caring about them looking nice would be a welcome break for awhile! 🙂

We signed up for Consumer Reports to start our research on appliances and things.  You can sign up for a year or you can just get a monthly membership. We really enjoy being able to look up appliances and find ratings and reviews. They are a bit more reliable then customer reviews since these are professional tests. Consumer Reports also have an app. So when you are out shopping for appliances you can look up different models and you can save products that you like!

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Frugal Tips!

Budget Living!


Hey there….Before you run away from the word BUDGET! ahhh! You should know that I am what “they” call a Free Spirit. I would run from that word also, if it were not for my amazing husband. He has taught me the strength and confidence that comes from knowing where your money is, how much you have (even if it’s only a little), and having a plan for where it’s going!


We don’t have it completely figured out.. but we have learned the blessing of having money to give, saving for the things we want (even if it means we say no to some other things in the mean time) and having our funds organized so we know just what’s going on.

I plan to share with you some of the simple things we have learned through all of this… Ways to save on some bills, save of gift giving, products that work so you aren’t wasting your money… budget ideas to help get things organized! 🙂


so stay tuned…..


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